Shirt Design Themes

Something for everyone as my design style grows and expands.

Pet Lovers & Holiday
Shirt Designs

Off the wall, funny and humorous, and designs for pet lovers all with Christmas and other holidays in mind. Shop with confidence - all designs are available at established online stores.

Periodical + Other Humor
Funny Shirt Designs

Designs for the science appreciators in mind. Scientific humor combined with thinking outside the box, while utilizing information from within tiny boxes of letters and numbers in seemingly haphazard combinations.

Fantasy Art, Art & Photography Designs

Beauty in light. Nature photography and Fantasty art. Whether the natural world or imaginary, the beauty of light over dark is ever-inspiring. Since 'everything' is not yet discovered, who is to say what does exist and what does not.

Pet & Holiday Designs
Funny & Humorous Designs
Fantasy & Photography  Designs

I AM Series
Goal Shirt Designs

Bring the self-empowering 'I AM' phrase into your life. Derived from New Age affirmative thinking and the old adage 'fake it until you make it', wearing an I AM phrase is sure to promote a feeling of well-being and awesomeness.

The "Real" World
Unique Shirt Designs

An artist's/idealist's viewpoint on a wide variety of issues concerning people these days, health, freedom, conspiracies, the environment and more.

Complete Clothing Sets
Using These Designs

Some of my designs in a complete set for an overall look of awesomeness. You can also find these designs in galleries 1 thru 5 for the t shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, baseball shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

Self-Improvement Designs
Real World & Woke Designs
Cool Complete Outfits

Empowering Designs

Getting the shirt you want is now an exact science. Choose a design that fits you, type of shirt and color. Each design comes in a wide range of colors and styles, with availability varying from different companies. Start here to order your next awesome and unique clothes that say YOU! Place your order with confidence from reputable companies.


science shirts in action


What if I like what I see - but it isn't available in my favorite color or style of shirt?

Contact us immediately for a free remedy should such a situation arise.



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